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An Introduction


The GTHS are Mthras, thought-provokers. They consist of 17 songs and have a total of 241 stanzas. Each stanza is a thought-provoker in a chain of thought-provocation. It is like a pearl in a cord of song, and each cord of song is a part of a necklace of the "divn," complete poetic works of Zarathushtra Spitma (Persian "Zartosht," English "Zoroaster") . The divan is called the GATHAS, meaning "Sublime Songs." The Zarathushtrian Assembly will be posting one of the 241 stanzas of the Gathas on a daily basis to provoke their thoughts to enlightenment to guide us to a good life of progress in mind and body -- to serve the living world on this good earth of God. It will take the Gathas and their Supplements -- the "Stot Yasn" – plus the extant "thought-provokers" in the Later Avesta. It will take us one year to complete.

Every stanza has its transliteration of the original text, translation into English, a Summary Substance as its simple explanation, and the Pondering Points provokes by the stanza. The transliteration is simple. and are as "a" in "father," and as "ay" in "day," and as "ee" in "bee," and as "u" in "rule," and as longer than "o" in "go", and as the silent nasal "n" in "dent," c as "ch" in "church," zh as "s" in "vision," gh as a harsh guttural "gh" heard in French "r," and x as a harsh guttural "kh" heard in Scottish "loch." It would not matter much if one cannot pronounce as good as one should. It is meaning the stanza carries which is of high importance.

The daily posting of one stanza is an easy way of understanding and comprehending the Gathas. The Gathas are Guide. Let them guide us step by step -- stanza by stanza.

The seeker is requested to read the stanza of the day, go through its Summary Substance, consider the Pondering Points in it, and have his/her thoughts provoked to "please Lord Wise and the divinely fashioned Living World ." The next stanza will follow the following day, and it will continue till the end of the Stot Yasn plus.

We pray that you will find USHT, radiant happiness in each of them -- to radiate your happiness to others without discrimination.



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