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Ahunavaiti GATHA

Song 4


(22 stanzas -- Days 37th to 58th)

37th Day

Transliterated Text:

t v urvt maret
agusht vac sghmah
aiby i urvtish drj
ashahy gath vmerecait
atct aiby vahisht
i zarazd anghen mazdi.

Translated Text:

Keeping the two principles of Yours in mind,
we shall teach the hitherto unheard words
to those who destroy the righteous world
by their wrongful doctrines.
No doubt, the two principles will prove the best for those
who are devoted to the Wise One.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 1)

Summary Substance: With the two principles of Good and Evil in view, Zarathushtra and his companions embark on teaching an entirely new doctrine, never heard before. The teachings are particularly meant for those who prove destructive to the life based on righteousness. For those who are already on the right track, the two principles should prove highly useful.

Pondering Points: The Zarathushtrian Doctrine is novel, aimed at correcting the wrongful, and providing best lead to the righteous.

38th Day

Transliterated Text:

ez ish nit urvn
adv aib-deresht vaxy
at v vspg yi
ath ratm ahur vad
mazd ay say
asht hac jvmah.

Translated Text:

Since it is not easy for the soul
to find the better course,
I, whom the Wise Lord knows,
come to you all as the leader of the two parties,
so that we may all live
in accordance with righteousness.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 2)

Summary Substance: In spite of the wisdom to choose, one needs a lead. Zarathushtra, who has discovered the Wise Lord, Mazda Ahura, and the Principles of Life, offers to lead both the wrongful and the rightful to live a righteous life.

Pondering Points: A novice, although wise, needs good guidance. Zarathushtra's divine experience provides that to all and every person who wants it.

39th Day

Transliterated Text:

m d mainy athrc
ashc cish rniby xshntem
hyat urvatem cazdnghvadeby

tat n mazd vdvani vaoc
hizv thwahy ngh
jvat vspg vuray.

Translated Text:

The happiness You grant, has been promised to the two parties through Your mental fire and righteousness.
It is a matter of principle for the discerning.
Wise One, for our knowledge,
speak with the very words of Your mouth.
It will help me guide all the living to choose aright.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 3)

Summary Substance: One should understand this point. God has granted happiness for all, the rightful and the wrongful. It only comes through mental enlightenment and righteous conduct. It is this enlightenment which Zarathushtra asks God to grant so that he guides humanity to the right course of life.

Pondering Points: Happiness is for all. Get enlightened and you have it.

40th Day

Transliterated Text:

ad ashem zevm anghen
mazdsc ahurngh
ashic rmait
vahisht ishas manangh
maiby xshathrem aojghvat
ehy vered vanam drujem.

Translated Text:

When righteousness is to be invoked,
may the wise lords
be with reward and serenity.
I seek through my best mind
the powerful dominion for my people,
so that by promoting it, we can overcome wrong.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 4)

Summary Substance: When one wishes to be righteous, the wise will be at hand to guide him or her to what one wants. It is the reward sought and also the serene satisfaction after obtaining it. And Zarathushtra, always lead by his illuminated mind, wants a dominion powerful enough to have its very expansion eliminate wrong.

Pondering Points: Want righteousness, ask the wise. It comes with serenity. And illumination provides the power to eliminate evil.

41st Day

Transliterated Text:

tat mi vcidyi vaoc
hyat mi ash dt vahy
vduy voh manangh
mc daidyi ehy-m ereshish
tct mazd ahur
nit v anghat anghait v.

Translated Text:

Speak to me so that I can discern
what has been made better with righteousness,
and know and realize through good mind
what has been granted to me as a seer.
Also, Wise God, the things
that will and will not happen.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 5)

Summary Substance: Already enlightened, Zarathushtra continues to seek more divine guidance to fully realize his part as a seer determined to lead the living. He wants enough knowledge and experience to be able to foresee the future -- possibilities and impossibilities.

Pondering Points: Increasing enlightenment is needed to foresee events -- what to undertake and what not to embark in.

42nd Day

Transliterated Text:

ahmi anghat vahishtem
mi vdv vaoct haithm
mthrem im haurvatt
ashahy amerettasc
mazdi avat xshathrem
hyat hi voh vaxshat manangh.

Translated Text:

The best shall come to the wise person
who will propagate my true thought-provoking message.
It leads to righteousness
for wholeness and immortality.
Thus the dominion of the Wise One will,
through good mind, increase for him.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 6)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra's thought-provoking teachings lead to perfection and eternity. He blesses the person who embarks on the mission of spreading his divine message. That person, enlightened by good mind, will also enhance his own divine dominion.

Pondering Points: Zarathushtra's thought-provokers grant eternal bliss. Spread them and be blessed.

43rd Day

Transliterated Text:

ast mat pouruy
raocbsh rithwen xvthr
hv xrathw dmish ashem
drayat vahishtem man,
t mazd mainy uxshy
nrmct ahur hm.

Translated Text:

He is Who thought first
that the lights emanate with bliss.
He is, through His wisdom,
which holds the best mind,
the creator of righteousness.
Wise Lord, stimulate my mind through Your creative mentality,
because so far it has remained the same.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 7)

Summary Substance: God created the universe, blended with light and bliss, with wisdom. He is the creator of the Universal Law based on the best wisdom, the progressive mentality. Zarathushtra wants the divine mentality to stimulate his mind, a mind which had remained inactive.

Pondering Points: Mind is not to stagnate. It must be provoked to progress, innovate, create.

44th Day

Transliterated Text:

at thw mgh pourvm
mazd ezm sti manangh
vanghush patarm manangh
hyat thw hm cashmain hgrabem
haithm ashahy dmm
anghush ahurem shyaothanash.

Translated Text:

Wise One, I realized You
as the first and the latest,
and the patron of good mind,
when I grasped You in my vision
as the true creator of righteousness
and the Lord of life's actions.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 8)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra realizes, by his searching sight, that God is the first and the latest -- above time and age. He created both Good Mind and the Universal Law of Precision -- two principles that wisely regulate the universe. He also watches over actions in one's life.

Pondering Points: A thorough search is needed to truly realize God, time, timelessness, the universe, and the principles which regulate it.

45th Day

Transliterated Text:

thwi as rmaitsh
thw gush tash as xratsh
manyush mazd ahur
hyat ah'yi dad pathm
vstryt v it
v nit anghat vstry.

Translated Text:

I also realized, Wise Lord,
that serenity is Yours,
and O Creator of the Living World,
that wisdom of mind is Yours,
which has given the world the choice
to go either to a settled person, or to the one who is not.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 9)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra further realizes that Mazda created our living world. He also created serenity and good mind, two principles that enable the world to make a wise decision to choose between the people who are usefully settled and those who wander in vain.

Pondering Points: Freedom, serene atmosphere and good wisdom help make the right choice.

46th Day

Transliterated Text:

at h ay fravaret
vstrm axvyi fshuyatem
ahurem ashavanem
vanghush fshghm manangh
nit mazd avstry
davscin humeretish baxsht.

Translated Text:

Of the two, it has chosen
the prospering settler
and the promoter of good mind
as its righteous lord.
Wise One, the deceitful nomad
has not shared in this good tradition.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 10)

Summary Substance: The living world prefers people who are settled and are prospering. They are wise and therefore can lead. Wandering hordes do not grasp the advantage of a settled life and resort to cheating.

Pondering Points: Prospering settlers are worthy of righteous leadership. Wasteful wandering promotes deceit.

47th Day

Transliterated Text:

hyat n mazd paourvm
gathsc tash dansc
thw manangh xratshc
hyat astvatem dad ushtanem
hyat shyaothanc sghsc
athr vareng vas dyet.

Translated Text:

O Wise One, at the beginning,
You, through Your mind,
fashioned for us the living world,
conceptions and intellects,
put life in the physical frame,
and gave deeds and words,
so that one makes his choice through free will.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 11)

Summary Substance: When at the beginning, the Wise One made, through his mental faculty, our world, He granted us conception and intellect as He put life into our bodies. He also gave ability to talk and act -- all to grant freedom of choice to us.

Pondering Points: Life, body, mind, speech and action are divine grants to enjoy freedom of choice.

48th Day

Transliterated Text:

athr vcem barait
mithahvac v ereshvac v
vdv v evdv v
ahy zeredc mananghc
nush-haxsh rmaitsh mainy
peresit athr math.

Translated Text:

Therefore, whether one speaks truth or not,
whether one is wise or otherwise,
one expresses in words
what is in one's heart and mind.
Accordingly, one enjoying serenity, may ask himself:
Where will the two mentalities lead?

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 12)

Summary Substance: All -- truthful, liar, wise, and stupid -- express themselves in words of what their minds guide or their emotions dictate. It is then that one, cool and calm, may well understand where the good or the retarding mentality would lead to.

Pondering Points: Mind engages in thoughts. Heart throbs with emotions. Two ways of expression. Cool consideration decides which one to choose.

49th Day

Transliterated Text:

fras vshy
v mazd peresit tay
v kasush anangh
mazishtm ayamait bjem
t cashmg thwisr hr
aib ash aib vanah vsp.

Translated Text:

Wise One, whether inquiries are made
in open or in secret,
or a person of small offense
suffers a very grave consequence,
You watch all these
with Your sharp eyes through righteousness.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 13)

Summary Substance: God is, through the Universal Law of Precision, precisely watching all -- problems faced in open or secret and great harm suffered by men of small offense.

Pondering Points: God is watching. Are we watching ourselves?

50th Day

Transliterated Text:

t thw peres ahur
-z it jghatic
ishud dadet
dthranm hac ashun
sc mazd dregvdeby
ath t anghen hkeret hyat.

Translated Text:

God, I ask You this:
What is happening and what will happen?
What holds in future as compensation for the righteous,
and Wise One, what for the wrongful?
How do they stand
when their performance is complete?

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 14)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra wants to be clear on present conditions and future happenings. What does future hold for the righteous and what for the wrongful? What when all is done and complete? The questions are self-answering. Eternal good for the righteous, corrective justice for the wrongful, and happy eternity for all.

Pondering Points: Do it right, get it quick. Play it wrong, linger behind.

51st Day

Transliterated Text:

peres avat mainish
dregvit xshathrem hunit
dush-shyaothani ahur
nit jytm hanare vnast
vstryehy anangh
pasush vratc adrujyat.

Translated Text:

God, I ask You this:
What is the punishment for him
who promotes the rule of the wrongful with evil actions,
and for him who has no other work in life
than to commit crime
against the cattle and the men of a harmless settler?

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 15)

Summary Substance: The questions are as to what happens to one who, with his evil actions, helps to support a wrongful person and what happens to one whose only object is to harm and hurt peaceful people and their cattle. The answer, provoked by the questions, is: evil consequences.

Pondering Points: Helping evil and hurting innocent does not pay.

52nd Day

Transliterated Text:

peres avat ath hv
hudnush demanahy xshathrem
shithrahy v dah'yush v
ash fradathi asperezat
thwvs mazd ahur
ad hv anghat shyaothanasc.

Translated Text:

I ask this:
How does a munificent person,
who strives for promoting
the power of house, district, or land
with righteousness,
becomes, Wise Lord, like You,
and by what deeds?

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 16)

Summary Substance: Who but the person who promotes house, district or land -- uniting units of human society -- with his and her righteous acts, grows into a godlike being? Again an answering question!

Pondering Points: Promotion of human society makes one divine.

53rd Day

Transliterated Text:

katrm ashav v
dregv v verenvait mazy,
vdv vdush mraot
m evdv aip-dbvayat,
zd-n mazd ahur
vanghush fradaxsht manangh.

Translated Text:

Which of the two courses is greater,
the one the righteous person chooses for himself,
or the one the wrongful takes?
Let the wise one tell the knowing,
so that the ignorant does not continue his work with deception.
Wise Lord, be the revealer of good mind to us.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 17)

Summary Substance: The course which a righteous person chooses is better than the one taken by a wrongful person. This point should be made clear by the wise who teach seekers of truth. It would consequently stop the ignorant leader from deceiving people.

Pondering Points: Teach truth to defeat deception.

54th Day

Transliterated Text:

m-cish at v dregvat
mthrsc gsht ssnsc,
z demnem vsem v
shithrem v dah'ym v dt
dushitc marakac
ath sh szdm snaithish.

Translated Text:

Therefore, let none of you listen
to the messages and teachings of the wrongful,
because he brings danger and destruction
to the house, settlement,
district, and land.
Correct him with weapons.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 18)

Summary Substance: The wrongful deceives and therefore one should not listen to his misguiding words. It is his teachings which bring destruction to various units of society -- from house to country. Such a person must be corrected even if one has to use force.

Pondering Points: Stop destruction, even if by force, only to correct it into construction.

55th Day

Transliterated Text:

gsht mat ashem
ahmbish vdv ahur
erezhuxdhi vacanghm
xshayamn hizv vas
thw thr suxr maz
d vanghu vdt rnay.

Translated Text:

Lord, one who listens and realizes the truth,
becomes a life-healing wise person.
He controls his tongue
to express the right words when he wills.
He, O Wise One, through Your radiant light,
proves good to both parties.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 19)

Summary Substance: A person who listens to good teachings and understands truth becomes wise and can heal social ills. He becomes a master wise who knows what to say and when to say. It is this enlightened person who promotes the righteous and corrects the wrongful. (Zarathushtra is such a person. He first listened to the best, realized God, understood the ills that plagued humanity, rose to heal the society with his thoughtful, thought-provoking message.)

Pondering Points: Listen, learn, acquire knowledge, understand ills, heal humanity.

56th Day

Transliterated Text:

yat ashavanem
divamnem hi aparem xshy
daregm y temangh
dushhvarethm avats vac
tm v ahm dregvat
shyaothanish hvish dan nashat.

Translated Text:

Whoever goes over to the righteous,
enjoys a bright future.
But the wrongful lives a long life of darkness,
evil splendor and woeful words,
because it is on account of his deeds,
that his conscience leads him to it.

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 20)

Summary Substance: Bright future awaits the person who chooses righteousness. A long period of suffering with dark thoughts and hard words meets the wrongful. His awakening conscience tells that this is because of his evil deeds.

Pondering Points: Choose right, feel bright. Go wrong, enter darkness, sense dejection.

57th Day

Transliterated Text:

mazd dadt ahur
haurvat amerettasc
brish ashaxyc
xvpaithyt xshathrahy sar
vanghush vazdvar manangh
hi mainy shyaothanishc urvath.

Translated Text:

God Wise grants wholeness, immortality,
abundance of righteousness,
independence in dominion,
and a lasting good mind to him,
who is His friend in mind and action

(Gathas: Song 4 - stanza 21)

Summary Substance: God gives perfection, eternity, much righteousness, independence, and an ever-guiding good mind to the person who lovingly follows God in thoughts, words and deeds.

Pondering Points: Befriend God by acting godlike, enjoy divine blessings.

58th Day

Transliterated Text:

chithr hudongh
athan vademni manangh
voh hv xshathr
ashem vacangh shyaothanch hapt
hv ti mazd ahur
vzisht anghait astish!

Translated Text:

These principles are clear to the beneficent person, who works for the realization
of good mind and dominion,
and serves righteousness with his words and actions.
Such a man, Wise Lord,
is the most helpful person.

(Song 4 - stanza 22)

Summary Substance: The principles of good life are clear to one who wants to prove helpfully gracious to others by promulgating the message, promoting righteousness, acquiring good mind, and cultivating good dominion. He or she is the most efficient helping hand.

Pondering Points: Helping others understand the divine message and promote good life makes one the most useful person.


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