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Ahunavaiti GATHA

Song 6

Devotion To Duty

(14 stanzas -- Days 75th to 88th)

75th Day

Transliterated Text:

athish ith vareshait
dt anghush paouruyehy
ratsh shyaothan razisht
dregvatac hyatc ashun
exyc hmemysait mithahy
c hi rezv.

Translated Text:

According to the Primal Principles of Life
the leader shall do full justice
to the wrongful and to the righteous,
as well as to the person
whose falsity is combined
with his probity.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 1)

Summary Substance: The leader, chosen by people, shall be impartial. He shall base his justice on the Primal Principles of Life and then deal with the wrongful, the righteous, and the person who is both. It is this impartiality that brings true justice and wins all over to righteousness.

Pondering Points: Justice, based on sound principles, is impartial and ... wins.

76th Day

Transliterated Text:

at akem dregvit
vacangh v at v manangh
zastiby v vareshait
vanghu v cithait astm
ti vri rdet
ahurahy zaosh mazd.

Translated Text:

And whoever foils the wrongful
by word , thought, or action,
or if approached by a visitor,
teaches him good things,
advances in his convictions
to the satisfaction of the Wise God.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 2)

Summary Substance: Wrong must not succeed and survive. One should correct it through thinking over the problem, and speaking to and dealing with the wrongful, especially if approached by a visiting person. One should be teacher and preacher. Such a person would, at the same time, promote his/her conviction and faith, and also please God.

Pondering Points: Good thoughts, words and deeds turn wrongful into righteous.

77th Day

Transliterated Text:

ashun vahisht
xvat v at v verezny
airyamn v ahur
vds v thwaxshangh gavi
at hv ashahy anghat
vanghushc vstr manangh.

Translated Text:

Whoever is very good to the righteous
whether a relative, or a member of the community,
or, O Lord, a member of the fellowship,
or serves the living world with zeal,
lives indeed in the domain of righteousness
and good mind.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 3)

Summary Substance: He/she lives a life of righteousness and good mind who sincerely serves another righteous whoever he/she be -- a relative, a community member, a fellowship member or a world citizen.

Pondering Points: Discard discrimination, serve the righteous, and enjoy a well-thought righteous life.

78th Day

Transliterated Text:

thwat mazd asrushtm
akemc man azi ap
hvatushc tarmaitm
vereznah'yc nazdishtm drujem
airyamanasc nadet
gushc vstrt acishtem matm.

Translated Text:

Wise One, I am one who venerates away
inconsideration and evil mind from You;
perverse-mind from the family;
related wrong from the fellowship;
revile from the fellowship;
and extremely evil counseling from the world settlements.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 4)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra vows to revolutionize society by eliminating all evil and superstitious conceptions of the Wise One, improper thinking among family members, wrong practice within the community, abuse and hatred among kindred human beings, and very harmful recommendations ruling high in the world -- a thorough ethical cleansing.

Pondering Points: Remove evil at all levels, establish a fresh, sound and healthy society.

79th Day

Transliterated Text:

ast vsp-mazishtem
seraoshem zbay avanghn
apn dareg-jyitm
xshathrem vanghush manangh
asht erezsh path
ash mazd ahur shat.

Translated Text:

I shall listen to Your Inspiring Voice,
the greatest of all voices,
to reach my final goal:
a long life in the dominion of good mind,
and a straight walk along the paths of righteousness
to the serene abode of the Wise God.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 5)

Summary Substance: To remove social ills and reach his final goal, Zarathushtra listens to the Divine Voice, the greatest of all inspirations, for guidance. The result -- a long life of good wisdom in peace and order, and a straight, unwavering walk on the righteous path to reach Mazda, God Wise.

Pondering Points: Inspiration guides good to God.

80th Day

Transliterated Text:

zaot ash erezsh
hv manyush vahishtt kay
ahmt av manangh
verezyeidyi mat vstry
t-ti izyi ahur mazd
darshtishc hm-parshtishc.

Translated Text:

I am the true invoker
who, through righteousness,
perceives You with the best mind.
It is with such mental satisfaction
that I wish to work as an adviser for the settled people.
Therefore, Wise Lord, I am longing
to have Your vision and communion.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 6)

Summary Substance: As against the mumbling ritualistic priests, Zarathushtra is simple and sincere in invoking and perceiving God through righteousness and his best mind. This gives him mental satisfaction that stimulates him to guide the people who are settled with positive and productive activities. That makes him more desirous of perceiving Mazda for further inspiration.

Pondering Points: Sincere prayer gives mental satisfaction, stimulates to serve mankind.

81st Day

Transliterated Text:

m idm vahisht
xvaithyc mazd dareshatc
ash voh manangh
sruy par magun,
vish-n atare ht
nemaxvaitsh cithr rtay.

Translated Text:

Come to me, O Best One, O Wise One,
in person and in sight
through righteousness and good mind
so that I am heard beyond the Fellowship.
Let our reverential offerings
be clearly manifested among us.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 7)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is now invoking Mazda, his best support, to come in his vision through righteousness and good mind -- a true mental perception. The reason: He wants clear guidance to spread his Message beyond the then small circle of his companions. And he wants his prayers answered in shape of his success in propagating his divine mission.

Pondering Points: A short prayer to begin a long journey, a great mission.

82nd Day

Transliterated Text:

fr-mi fravizdm areth t
voh shyavi manangh
asnem mazd xshmvat
at v ash staomy vac
dt v ameretsc
utayit haurvats draon.

Translated Text:

See for Yourself my intentions
which I am pursuing through good mind.
They are, Wise One, reverence and praising words
for You through righteousness.
Grant me the steadfastness of immortality
and the substantiality of wholeness.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 8)

Summary Substance: Having defined his mission, Zarathushtra continues his invocation. He has his intentions which he pursues through good mind. All he intends is to properly venerate and praise the Wise. He prays for stable immortality and true perfection.

Pondering Points: Immortality and perfection come when the mission is accomplished.

83rd Day

Transliterated Text:

at ti mazd tm mainym
asha-oxshayat saredyay
xvthr math may
vahisht baret manangh
ay ari hkurenem
ay hacit urvn.

Translated Text:

Wise One, it is Your intention
that these two promoters of righteousness
be the refreshing splendid goals
achieved through the best mind.
The growth of these two associates
make souls harmonize.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 9)

Summary Substance: Wholeness and immortality, as twin goals, promote righteousness. They are the wonderful objects which can be achieved by using our best of thoughts. It is these twin goals which unite our souls to achieve them. And this is what God wishes us to attain.

Pondering Points: Good common goals unite souls.


Transliterated Text:

vsp sti hujtay
z nghar sc het
sc mazd bavait
thwahm hsh zaosh baxshhv
voh uxshy manangh
xshathr ashc usht tanm.

Translated Text:

Wise One, make all those enjoying a good life,
who have been, who are,
and who shall be,
share Your pleasure.
Promote our physical enlightenment
through good mind, dominion, and righteousness.

(Gathas: Song 6-10)

Summary Substance: Persons of past, present, and future who enjoy a good productive life are, in fact, sharing divine pleasure, because their physical illumination is promoted through good mind, self-reliance, and righteousness. And Zarathushtra prays to Mazda for this very favor for all of us.

Pondering Points: Enjoy good life, share God's love.

85th Day

Transliterated Text:

sevisht ahur
mazdsc ramaitishc
ashemc frdat-gathem
manasc voh xshathremc
sraot-mi merezhdt-mi
di kahyict pait.

Translated Text:

Most powerful Wise God,
Serenity, world-promoting Righteousness,
Good Mind, and Dominion,
listen to me, be gracious to me
for whatever rewards You grant.

(Gathas: Song 6- stanza 11)

Summary Substance: The Wise God, the most-powerful, awards (wholeness and immortality) through the Principles of Life -- serenity, world-promoting righteousness, good mind and dominion. Still praying with poetical fervor, Zarathushtra addresses all and prays for grace and blessing.

Pondering Points: Good deeds have awards. Prayer adds bliss.

86th Day

Transliterated Text:

us mi uzreshv ahur
ramait tevshm dasv
spnisht mainy mazd
vanghuy zav d
ash haz mavat
voh manangh feseratm.

Translated Text:

Lord Wise, rise within me,
grant me courage through serenity,
good gifts of prayers
through the most progressive mentality,
full vigor through righteousness,
and felicity through good mind.

(Gathas: Song 6 - stanza 12)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is meditating. He wants to feel Mazda filling his *self* by granting him courage through peace of mind and body, inspiration to move forward through his best thinking faculty, full strength through proper and precise acts, and the joy at the resulting success through good mind. A sincere prayer to succeed in his mission and enjoy the result -- a wish Zarathushtra, the last Gatha Vahishta Ishti shows, happily experienced at the end of his divine duty.

Pondering Points: Success comes through inspiration, serenity, clear understanding, and planned precision. Result: utmost mental happiness.


Transliterated Text:

rafedhri vourucashn
dish mi v abifr
t xshathrahy ahur
vanghush ashish manangh
fr spet rmait
ash dan fradaxshay.

Translated Text:

To support me, Wide-watching Lord,
reveal to me the force of Your sovereignty,
the blessings of good mind.
Show me through progressive serenity,
righteous conceptions.

(Gathas: Song 6 - stanza 13)

Summary Substance: The meditation continues: God who watch all, show me your dominion that would bless and enlighten my good mind with vision, and feeling calm and serene, I gain right conceptions.

Pondering Points: Dominion and serenity help enlighten mind with true conceptions.

88th Day

Transliterated Text:

at rtm zarathushtr
tanvasct xvaxy ushtanem
dadit paurvattem
mananghasc vanghush mazdi
shyaothanahy ashi c
uxdhaxyc seraoshem xshathremc!

Translated Text:

Now as a dedication, I, Zarathushtra
offer to the Wise One
the very life-breath of myself
and the first fruits of my good mind,
deeds and words, gained through righteousness,
with my ear to the divine voice; in fact, my whole strength.

(Gathas: Song 6 - stanza 14)

Summary Substance: At the end of his meditating prayers, Zarathushtra makes an offering to Mazda: His very life; fruits of his thoughts, words and deeds based on wise righteousness; listening to divine guidance; and all the power he has -- to serve his divine mission.

Pondering Points: Devoted life, the best offering to Mazda.


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