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Ahunavaiti GATHA

Song 7


(15 stanzas -- Days 89th to 103rd)


Transliterated Text:

shyaothan vacangh
asn ameretattem
ashemc taiby dngh
mazd xshathremc haurvatt
ashm ti ahur
hm pourutemish dast.

Translated Text:

The deed, the word, and the veneration
by which I give immortality, righteousness,
and the motive for wholeness to the people,
are very much offered by us,
Wise Lord, to You.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 1)

Summary Substance: The message of Zarathushtra leads to mental veneration, words and deeds that give righteousness, power to move towards wholeness, and immortality. And these very things are what he and his companions offer to Mazda Ahura.

Pondering Points: Offer the Wise One what wisely we achieve. What a veneration!

90th Day

Transliterated Text:

atc -ti manangh
mainyushc vanghush vsp dt
spetaxyc neresh shyaothan
ehy urv ash hacait
pairigath xshmvat
vahm mazd garbsh sttm.

Translated Text:

Moreover, all these offerings are made to You alone
through thoughts of good mind
and actions of a progressive man,
whose soul is in accord with righteousness.
Wise One, he goes singing everywhere
songs of glory and praise for You.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 2)

Summary Substance: The offerings of all the achievements of Zarathushtra are made to Mazda alone. No one else. They are made through good thoughts and actions by a person who is progressive, not statically traditional, a person whose soul, self, is in harmony with truth. He sings his songs -- the Gathas -- praises for Ahura and guidance for mankind.

Pondering Points: Progressive songs praise God to promote humanity.

91st Day

Transliterated Text:

at ti myazdem ahur
nemangh ashic dm
gath vsp xshathri
voh thraosht manangh
ri z hudngh
vspish mazd xshmvas sav.

Translated Text:

Therefore, we make a humble offering
to You and to Righteousness.
The living beings in Your dominion
are those who promote good mind.
Indeed, it is in the rise of a beneficent person,
Wise One, that there lies gain for all those belonging to You.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 3)

Summary Substance: The offering of veneration, words and deeds -- a solemn dedication to serve the Creator and the creation --are made by Zarathushtra and companions. True living persons in the divine dominion are those who promote good mind to acquire useful knowledge. Feeling a rise, a surge in himself because of the dedication, Zarathushtra foresees the gain awaiting the dedicated to Mazda.

Pondering Points: Dedication to serve returns in gain.

92nd Day

Transliterated Text:

at ti trm ahur
aojnghvatem ash usmah
asshtm mavatem
sti rapat cithr-avanghem
at mazd daibishyat
zastishtish deresht-ananghem.

Translated Text:

Therefore, Lord, we yearn for Your fire,
which is strong through righteousness.
It is very swift and forceful,
and clearly and strongly helps the supporters.
But, Wise One, for an enemy daring to harm,
it has the power of arms to stop him.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 4)

Summary Substance: The divine "fire" is the zeal that derives its strength from righteousness -- precision. It is forceful and swift in clearing and opening the way for the promotion of the mission. It is also strong enough in stopping those who want to harm the cause.

Pondering Points: Righteous zeal speeds progress, stops mischief.

93rd Day

Transliterated Text:

kat v xshathrem k shtsh
shyaothani mazd ath v haxm
ash voh manangh
thryidyi drigm shmkem
par-v vspish par vaoxem
davishc xrafstrish mashyishc.

Translated Text:

What is Your dominion, what is Your power,
Wise One, for us to follow in action
through righteousness and good mind
in order to protect the oppressed person of Yours?
For You, we have renounced
all the false gods and the barbarian people.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 5)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is seeking to know the divine dominion and power so that one acts according to the universal law of precision and good mind and provide a social order in which those oppressed and deprived of their rights are protected and rehabilitated. Zarathushtra and his companions have renounced all false gods and the cruel people whose superstitious cult is the cause of all exploitation and oppression.

Pondering Points: Order and power, well thought and well done eliminate oppression.

94th Day

Transliterated Text:

ez ath st haithm
mazd ash voh manangh
at tat mi daxshtem dt
ahy anghush vsp math
ath v azemnasc
urvidy stavas ayen pait.

Translated Text:

If indeed, You are so, Wise One,
through righteousness and good mind,
then grant me guidance through all the goals of this life,
so that I happily return to You
with veneration and praise.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 6)

Summary Substance: Through good thinking and righteousness, Zarathushtra has all false gods and their worshipers completely out of his mind. Mazda is the only Ahura -- the only Guide. He prays to achieve all the goals of his present life -- his mission to spread his message so that he successfully returns to Mazda with more praises of love and adoration.

Pondering Points: Mission accomplished ends in happy reunion.

95th Day

Transliterated Text:

kuthr ti aredr mazd
i vanghush vaden manangh
sghsh raxen aspct sdrct
caxray usheur
nacm tm anym shmat vad
ash ath n thrzdm.

Translated Text:

Wise One, where are Your devotees
who comprehend good mind,
and despite retrogression and failure,
attend to inherited doctrines with wisdom?
I have none besides You.
Therefore, protect me and my people through righteousness.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 7)

Summary Substance: Once dedicated to the cause and comprehending the circumstances with good mind, one is not deterred by initial failures. One continues to wisely work for the mission one feels is his/her inheritance. Zarathushtra knows no one else except Mazda. He prays for support for himself and his companions as they work on right basis.

Pondering Points: Failures fail to deter the dedicated.

96th Day

Transliterated Text:

tish z n shyaothanish byet
ash as pair pouruby ithyej
hyat as aojy nidynghem
thwahy mazd st urvtahy
i nit ashem mainyat
aiby dir voh as man.

Translated Text:

Indeed, they are afraid of our actions
just as a weakling is afraid of a stalwart,
because these actions constitute a danger to many.
Wise One, those who are antagonistic to Your principle,
do not think of righteousness,
and are at a distance from good mind.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 8)

Summary Substance: The days when ritualistic priests and exploiting princes were in power appear to be disappearing. They are now as afraid of the Zarathushtrian mission as a weakling fears a strong person. The reason is simple. They do not think of righteousness and and do not use their good mind, and therefore remain antagonists to the Divine Doctrine.

Pondering Points: Wrong, when not strong, fears the rising right just because of not consulting good mind.

97th Day

Transliterated Text:

i spetm ramaitm
thwahy mazd berexdhm vdush
dush-shyaothan avazazat
vanghush evist manangh
aiby mash ash syazdat
avat ahmat aurun xrafstr.

Translated Text:

Wise One, he forsakes progressive serenity,
esteemed by your wise one,
with his evil deeds solely
because of his lack of good mind.
He avoids them much on account of their righteousness,
just as the disheveled barbarians keep far from us.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 9)

Summary Substance: Progressive serenity and stability is valued by the wise one who is devoted to Mazda. But the person lacking good mind forsakes serenity because of his evil actions. Just as uncivilized people shun our company, such a person would avoid good people because of their righteousness.

Pondering Points: Evil actions isolate one from stability valued by wise community.

98th Day

Transliterated Text:

ahy vanghush manangh shyaothan
vaocat gerebm huxratush
spetmc ramaitm
dmm vdv haithm ashahy
tc vsp ahur
thwahm mazd xshathri vyathr.

Translated Text:

The person of good intellect says
that the deeds of good mind must be maintained.
He knows that progressive serenity
is the true product of righteousness.
All these, Lord Wise,
are means of promotion in Your dominion.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 10)

Summary Substance: A wise person wants that one should maintain deeds done with good mind, because he knows that progressive serenity and growing stability is the right result of proper procedure. These deeds promote the divine dominion [chosen and established by righteous people].

Pondering Points: Good deeds increase growing stability, promote good order.

99th Day

Transliterated Text:

at ti ub haurvsc
xvarethi ameretatsc
vanghush xshathr manangh
ash mat rmaitish vaxsht
utayit tevsh
tish mazd vdvashm thwi ah.

Translated Text:

Both wholeness and immortality
lead to Your splendor.
The sovereignty of good mind
and serenity with righteousness
promote steadfast strength and courage.
These, Wise One,
constitute our strength against antagonists.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 11)

Summary Substance: Wholeness and immortality lead to divine splendor. For that goal, a self-reliant good mind, enjoying stability and rightness, gives one the lasting strength and courage to overcome antagonism.

Pondering Points: Good mind, stability, and righteousness, when combined, give courage to win.

100th Day

Transliterated Text:

kat ti rzar kat vash
kat v stt kat v asnahy
sridyi mazd frvaoc
y vdyt ashsh rshnm
ssh n ash path
vanghush hvatg manangh.

Translated Text:

What is Your guidance and what is Your wish?
Is it for praise, or is it for veneration?
Wise One, declare it while we listen,
and the reward for following Your guidance.
Show us, through righteousness,
the paths to self-reliance of good mind.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 12)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra asks and then supplies the subtle answer: The paths leading through righteous to the goal -- self-reliance that enjoys good mind. This is what the guidance is for, what the Wise One wishes. God does not want praise and veneration. All Mazda wishes is that we are guided to our goal. It is us who praise and venerate God out of love.

Pondering Points: The goal guided by Mazda: Self-reliance based on good mind.

101st Day

Transliterated Text:

tm advnem ahur
m mi mraosh vanghush manangh
dan saoshyatm
h-karet ashct urvxshat
hyat civisht hudby
mzhdem mazd ehy t dathrem.

Translated Text:

God, this is the same road of good mind
You have shown me.
It is the religion of the benefactors
by which good deeds lead only
through righteousness to happiness,
the promised reward for the beneficent,
a reward, Wise One, solely given by You.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 13)

Summary Substance: Proceeding towards the goal, Zarathushtra sees that it is very path he has divinely realized. It is the religion of benefactors, a religion in which good deeds, done precisely according to the universal law, lead to happiness, eternal bliss. It is the reward promised and granted by Mazda to those who promote goodness.

Pondering Points: Deeds done to benefit all have divine bliss in reward.

102nd Day

Transliterated Text:

tat z mazd vairmastvait ushtni dt
vanghush shyaothan manangh
i z gush verezn azy
xshmkm hucistm ahur
xratush ash frd verezn.

Translated Text:

Indeed, Wise One, this reward is given to those,
who, in their choice of physical life,
truly serve the community of the fruitful world
with their deeds of good mind,
and God, promote Your plan of wisdom
through communal righteousness.

(Gathas: Song 7 - stanza 14)

Summary Substance: The reward of eternal bliss is for those who choose, through their free will, to serve humanity on this earth of ours as best as they can. This world is very productive and rewarding. Serving it with good mind and close cooperation means promoting the divine plan so wisely prepared.

Pondering Points: Joining others in wise service is to make life more fruitful, more blissful.

103rd Day

Transliterated Text:

mazd at mi vahisht
sravosch shyaothanch vaoch
t-t voh manangh
ashch ishudem stt
xshmk xshathr ahur
ferashm vasn
haithym do ahm.

Translated Text:

And in response to my request in praises,
Wise One, tell me now the best words and deeds through good mind.
Make life truly renovated
with Your sovereignty as You wish.

(Song 7 - stanza 15)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra concludes his Ahunavaiti Gatha with this stanza. In his concluding wish, he prays, in fact, prepares himself for best words and deeds that issue from good mind and clear thinking. It is these words and deeds that continue to renovate --update -- our life with divine support because that is what Mazda wishes us to accomplish.

Pondering Points: Continuous renovation of life is the Divine wish.


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