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Ushtavaiti Gatha


Song 10


(11 stanzas -- Days 140th to 150th)

140th Day

Transliterated Text:

at fravaxshy n gshdm n sraot
ac asnt ac drt ishath
n m vsp cithr z mazdnghdm
nit daibitm dush-sastish ahm mershyt
ak varan dregv hizv veret.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall proclaim, hear and listen,
you who have come from near and far as seekers.
Now, clearly bear these in mind.
Let not the evil teacher, the wrongful,
with his evil choice and perverted tongue, destroy life for a second time.

(Gathas: 10-1)

Summary Substance: Feeling fully confident of how to spread his message, Zarathushtra calls a conference. People flock in from far and near to hear him. He addresses them. He wants to make one point clear. He wants them to bear in mind that evil teachers have chosen evil and use perverse language to seduce them back -- a trick that would destroy their life now being built on a new, fresh standard.

Pondering Points: Once guided should never get misguided.

141st Day

Transliterated Text:

at fravaxshy anghush mainy pouruy
ay spany it mravat m agrem
nit n man nit sgh nit xratav
nad varan nit uxdh nad shyaothan
nit dan nit urvn hacait.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall proclaim the two foremost mentalities of life.
Of these, the more progressive one told the retarding one thus:
Neither our thoughts, nor teachings, nor intellects,
nor choices, nor words, nor deeds,
nor consciences, nor souls agree.

(Gathas: 10-2)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra proclaims a second important point. The two mentalities play a foremost part in our lives. They are the good and evil mentality in human mind. One is more progressive and the other is the retarding one. They have nothing in common. They differ in thought, teaching, wisdom, choice, words, deeds, reflection and their very basis.

Pondering Points: Good and evil, two opposite mentalities in human mind, share nothing in common.

142nd Day

Transliterated Text:

at fravaxshy anghush ahy pourvm
m mi vdv mazd vaocat ahur
i m v nit ith mthrem vareshet
ath m mnic vaocac
aiby anghush avi anghat apmem.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall proclaim the foremost point of this life,
which the Wise God, the Knowing told me:
Those of you who do not practice the thought-provoking doctrine
the way I understand and explain it,
shall experience a woeful end of life.

(Gathas: 10-3)

Summary Substance: The third important point proclaimed by Zarathushtra is a warning. He has realized through his divine communion with the Wise One, a doctrine which stimulates mind to clearly think and decide to follow the Primal Principles of Life. If one does not use discretion and blindly follows what he/she is taught and told, he/she would experience a woeful life.

Pondering Points: Hear good, think clear, avoid disaster.

143rd Day

Transliterated Text:

at fravaxshy anghush ahy vahishtem
asht hac mazd vad m dt
patarm vanghush varezayat manangh
at hi duged hushyaothan rmaitish
nit diwzhaidyi vsp-hishas ahur.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall proclaim the best in this life,
which, I know through righteousness, the Wise One gave.
He is the patron of active good mind,
and the good-working serenity is His creation.
The all-watching God cannot be deceived.

(Gathas: 10-4)

Summary Substance: The fourth point, the best one to know in this life, is that Mazda is the creator of both good mind and serenity - two principles which are essential to promote a righteous way of life. Zarathushtra realized the fact through the Universal Law of Righteousness. And Zarathushtra reminds us that Ahura is watching all and is in full contact with the creation. Nothing can go undetected. It is futile on part of some who think they can deceive God - a practice among polytheists.

Pondering Points: Mazda established the Primal Principles of Life to watch us be honest in our acts.

144th Day

Transliterated Text:

at fravaxshy hyat mi mraot spettem
vac sridyi hyat maretaiby vahishtem
i mi ahmi seraoshem dn cayasc
up-jimen haurvt amerett
vanghush manyush shyaothanish mazd ahur.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall proclaim the word which the Most Progressive One told me.
It is the best to be heard by mortals.
Those who pay it attention and observance,
shall have wholeness and immortality,
and reach the Wise God through their actions of good mind.

(Gathas: 10-5)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra proclaims the Message he has realized through his communion with God who is the most progressive. The Message is, therefore, very progressive. It is the best to be heeded by mankind. If given the attention and the observance it deserves, and then followed wisely by good actions, it surely will lead to perfection and immortality.

Pondering Points: Progressive message means progress to perpetual perfection.

145th Day

Transliterated Text:

at fravaxshy vspanm mazishtem

stavas ash hud i het

spet mainy sraot mazd ahur

ehy vahm voh frash manangh

ahy xrat fr m sst vahisht.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall proclaim the Greatest of all.
I shall praise Him through righteousness.
He is beneficent to those who exist.
May Wise God hear me through the progressive mind.
I have taken counsel with good mind in His glory.
May He, with this wisdom, guide me best.

(Gathas: Song 10-6)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra now makes his most important proclamation. It is Mazda Ahura, the Super-Intellect Being, his greatest discovery, his best realization. He vows to praise Mazda through righteousness and precision in action. The first praise is that Mazda is beneficent to all that exist. He wants the Wise One to communicate to him through the progressive mentality, the creative and promoting faculty. While glorifying God, Zarathushtra is consulting his good mind so that he is guided good to perform his duties in the best way.

Pondering Points: The Super-Intellect Being, as against man-imagined deities, is the greatest discovery. It is the best impetus to think, speak and do good.

146th Day

Transliterated Text:

ehy sav isht rdangh
i-z jv ngharec bvatic
ameretit ashun urv ash
utayt nersh sdr dregvat
tc xshathr mazd dmish ahur.

Translated Text:

The living, the departed, and the yet-to-be-born
seek their great successes from Him.
The souls of the righteous shall eternally be strong.
The wrongful shall experience repeated failures.
The Wise God has, through His sovereignty, established these principles.

(Gathas: 10-7)

Summary Substance: Having made his most important proclamation, Zarathushtra states that all - living, departed or to be born, will succeed in their life only if they follow the Divine Principles of Consequences. Righteous people will enjoy eternal strength and the wrongful will face failures until they amend their behavior.

Pondering Points: You ARE responsible for your action. Do right, enjoy success, do wrong, suffer failure.

147th Day

Transliterated Text:

tm n staotish nemangh vvaresh
n zt cashmain vydaresem
vanghush manyush shyaothanahy uxdhahxc
vdush ash m mazdm ahurem
at hi vahmg demn gar nidm.

Translated Text:

I shall seek to turn Him towards us with praises of reverence,
because I have now conceived Him with my eyes
of good thoughts, words, and deeds,
and perceived Him through righteousness as the Wise God.
Let us, then, offer our glorifications to Him in the House of Song.

(Gathas: 10-8)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is in communion with God. He is venerating God because he has realized the Supreme Being with the eyes of his good thoughts, words and deeds and that too through comprehending the Universal Law of Precision. He feels enchanted and wishes all of us, those who have heard his proclamations, to glorify Mazda Ahura in the state where all is song for soul, all music for mind..

Pondering Points: Want to conceive God? Easy! See through your good thoughts, words and deeds, and through the precise order around you.

148th Day

Transliterated Text:

tm n voh mat manangh cixshnush
-n usn cret spnc aspnc
mazd xshathr verezny dyt ahur
passh vrg ahmkg fradathi
vanghush ash haozthwt manangh.

Translated Text:

I shall seek to please Him for us with good mind,
for He has granted us the will to choose between progress and retrogress.
May the Wise God, through His sovereignty,
grant us the exercise to promote our cattle and men
with the cooperation of good mind through righteousness.

(Gathas: 10-9)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra realizes that the Wise God has granted human beings to choose between progress and retrogress - a freedom of choice that guides him to praise Mazda through his good thoughts, words and deeds. He prays for strength to work for the promotion of people and their flocks - their livelihood. And he wants to continue his work through good mind and precision - the perfect way to work positive.

Pondering Points: Freedom of choice is divine. Choose progress and promote the world.

149th Day

Transliterated Text:

tm n asnish rmatish mimaghzh
nmn mazd srv ahur
hyat hi ash vohuc cisht manangh
xshathri hi haurvt amerett
ahmi sti dn tevsh utayit.

Translated Text:

I shall seek to exalt Him for us with praises of serenity,
Who, by a new name, is known as the Wise God.
He grants, through righteousness and good mind,
wholeness and immortality in His dominion.
May He grant us steadfast strength and endurance.

(Gathas: 10-10)

Summary Substance: Serene and satisfied, Zarathushtra glorifies God because Him is no more the old conception of a deity. He is the Super-Intellect Being, a new name that defines Him the best. He has established Primal Principles of Life according to which one achieves immortal perfection in the divine dominion. May He grant us lasting strength and endurance!

Pondering Points: Super-Intellect, Master Mind that kindly creates, carefully maintains, and pleasingly promotes.

150th Day

Transliterated Text:

ast davg apar mashysc
tar-mst i m tar-manyat
anyg ahmt hi arm manyt
saoshyat dg patish spet dan
urvath bart pat v mazd ahur.

Translated Text:

He who denies the false gods and their men,
just as they deny him, and unlike others,
acknowledges Him in good spirit, is,
through his progressive conscience, the beneficent and master of house,
rather a friend, brother, and father, O Wise God.

(Gathas: 10-11)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is explicit about Mazda Ahura. One has to categorically deny false gods. One has to completely one's mind to understand, and that too in good spirit, the Being, the Essence, Zarathushtra is describing as the Super-Intellect. Such a person, because of his/her progressive conscience, progressive insight, becomes a benefactor, a leader, in fact a friend, brother/sister, and parent for the community. (Note: words for brother and father, when used in neuter gender stands for both sexes in Avesta and Sanskrit).

Pondering Points: Forget gods to comprehend God - Mazda Ahura. Then act sincerely to benefit the world fellowship.


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