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Spenta Mainyu GATHA

Song 13

Victory Over Wrong

(12 stanzas -- Days 176th to 187th)

176th Day

Transliterated Text:

ez adish ash drujem vnghait
hyat sashut daibitn fraoxt
ameretit davishc mashyishc
at ti savish vahmem vaxshat ahur.

Translated Text:

If, after this, one conquers wrong through righteousness,
because one reaches what is always said to be delusions
by the false gods and their men,
one shall, by these gains, increase in Your glorification, God.

(Gathas: Song 13.1)

Summary Substance: If one with guidance of the progressive mentality understand the delusions fed to him about fanciful gods by exploiters and replace wrong with righteousness, gets to the core of Truth. He truly comprehends the Being and turns to Ahura to glorify.

Pondering Points: Eliminate delusions, conquer wrong, win righteousness, gain wisdom, and glorify God.

177th Day

Transliterated Text:

vaoc mi tvm vdv ahur
par hyat m mg pereth jimait
kat ashav mazd vghat dregvatem
h z anghush vanguh vist keretish.

Translated Text:

Lord, tell me since You know well.
What shall henceforth my struggle bring for me and my men?
Shall the righteous, Wise One, conquer the wrongful?
Because this, indeed, is known to be the good form of life.

(Gathas: Song 13.2)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra again poetically puts questions which are but their own answers. God knows best. Therefore, he wants to know the result of efforts put by him and his companions to eradicate wrong. Will they be successful? Of course, because the struggle will bring good life for mankind.

Pondering Points: Eliminate wrong, see what life means!

178th Day

Transliterated Text:

at vademni vahisht ssnanm
m hud sst ash ahur
spet vdv act gzr sghngh
thwvs mazd vanghush xrathw manangh.

Translated Text:

The teachings, which the Beneficent Lord
teaches through righteousness, are the best for the knowing.
Such a knowing person, like You, Wise One, is progressive and wise,
even in what is profound teachings through the wisdom of good mind.

(Gathas: Song 13.3)

Summary Substance: God teaches through the Universal Law of Righteousness. When learned, they are the best. They make a person learned. Such a person becomes godlike -- wise and progressive. Using his/her good mind, he/she can explore profound knowledge -- yet to be discovered.

Pondering Points: Study the Universal Law, use good mind, and discover new science.

179th Day

Transliterated Text:

dt man vahy mazd ashyasc
hv danm shyaothanc vacanghc
ahy zaoshg ushtish vareng hacait
thwahm xrat apmem nan anghat.

Translated Text:

Whoever, Wise One, has set his mind on the better or the worse,
sets his conscience accordingly with actions and words.
His desire follows his cherished choice.
But in Your wisdom, the end of the two will be different.

(Gathas: Song 13.4)

Summary Substance: It is how one sets his mind. If one thinks good and improves it, or, on the other hand, thinks bad and worsens in thoughts, he moulds his/her conscience on the words and deeds that ensue. He follows what he has chosen. It becomes his desire. Whatever the case, the consequences of two opposite choices would also be different. This is what wisdom, endowed by Mazda, advises.

Pondering Points: Wisdom says: Do good, get better, do bad, get worse.

180th Day

Transliterated Text:

huxshathr xshtm m n dushe-xshathr xsht
vanghuy cistish shyaothanish ramait
aozhd mashyi aip zthem vahisht
gavi verezytm tm n xvarethi fshuy.

Translated Text:

May good rulers, and not evil rulers, rule over us
with actions of good understanding and serenity.
Giving health and happiness in life is the best for a man
who works for the living world in order to increase its splendor.

(Gathas: Song 13.5)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra wishes a good government and prays that an evil government may not rule over us. Let us note that the root word for "to rule" literally means to "to settle in peace." A good government should provide peace and stability based on wisdom. It should provide health and happiness. And it should promote the living world of ours. Such a good government of good settlement on the good earth is the best in life. All should work for it.

Pondering Points: Wise and stable government gives health, happiness, and progress.

181st Day

Transliterated Text:

h z-n hushithem h-n utayitm
dt tevshm vanghush manangh berexdh
at axyi ash mazd urvar vaxshat
ahur anghush zthi paouruyehy.

Translated Text:

Indeed the living world is our good dwelling,
rather our endurance and strength: two precious gifts of good mind.
Now, the Wise God has increased its prosperity
through righteousness since the beginning of life.

(Gathas: Song 13.6)

Summary Substance: Continuing his subject of "a good government of good settlement on the good earth is the best in life," Zarathushtra reminds us: The living world is our good dwelling. It gives us, through our good thinking, two gifts - endurance and strength - to promote it further. One of the Divine Principles of Life stands for increasing prosperity through righteousness. Let us work for it.

Pondering Points: The Earth is our Home. With endurance and energy, let us make it ever-more prosperous.

182nd Day

Transliterated Text:

n ashem n dytm pait remem pait syzdm
i vanghush manangh ddraghzhduy
ash vym ehy hithush n spet
at hi dmm thwahm -dm ahur.

Translated Text:

Put down fury, check violence, you who wish to strengthen
the promotion of good mind through righteousness,
because a progressive man is associated with this.
God, his associates are in Your abode.

(Gathas: Song 13.7)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is addressing his companions. He wants them to curb anger and check violence, two main causes of harm and injury, war and bloodshed in the living world. It is through elimination of these two basic wrongs that people can strengthen good mind through adhering to the Universal Law of Righteousness. They ought to because they are being led by a progressive person - Zarathushtra - to where one actually feels the divine presence and dwells in the divine abode.

Pondering Points: Check violence, be righteous, promote good mind, and enjoy the divine presence.

183rd Day

Transliterated Text:

k ti vanghush mazd xshathrahy shtish
k ti ashish thwah'y maiby ahur
k thwi ash k aredrg ishy
vanghush manyush shyaothananm javar.

Translated Text:

Wise One, what is the strength of Your sovereignty?
What is Your reward for my people?
What is Your desired manifestations for the devotees
who are promoters of good mentality's actions?

(Gathas: Song 13.8)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra begins, from this stanza, asking questions that highlight his promoting program. He looks at the Divine Power governing the world. He looks at the reward his people will get by serving the world. He envisages the rightful results of the creative and promoting actions of the dedicated who are led by the progressive mentality.

Pondering Points: With trust in divine sovereignty and led by progressive mentality, mankind can plan and create a new world, an ideal life.

184th Day

Transliterated Text:

kad vad ez cahy xshayath
mazd ash ehy-m ithish dvath
eresh mi erezhcm vanghush vafush manangh
vdyt saoshys ath hi ashish anghat.

Translated Text:

When shall I know, Wise One, that You have power
through righteousness over anyone whose threats are harmful to me?
Let the plan of good mind be truly told to me
so that the beneficent knows how his reward shall be.

(Gathas: Song 13.9)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra is measuring his power through his righteous plan to face the dangerous threats made to his mission. He wants his good mind to clearly reveal the plan so that he precisely knows how to act to emerge successful.

Pondering Points: Plan made through good thinking and right acting succeeds.

185th Day

Transliterated Text:

kad mazd mnarish nar vset
kad ajn mthrem ahy madahy
agray karapan urpayeit
c xrat dushe-xshathr daxyunm.

Translated Text:

When shall, Wise One, humanity settle down in dwellings?

When shall they throw out the filthy intoxicant?

It is through it that the priests

and the wicked rulers of the lands form their evil intellects.

(Gathas: Song 13.10)

Summary Substance: The answering questions show that Zarathushtra wants humanity to peacefully settle down and create good settlements. He wants total ban on the "haoma" drink which is responsible for violence. It is the intoxicant, very possibly "marijuana" or "hashish" (Cannabis sativa), that infuriated addicted priests and princes to lose their wisdom and be cruel to people. He wants a clean society, free from drugs and violence.

Pondering Points: No drugs, no violence! All enjoy peace on earth.

186th Day

Transliterated Text:

kad mazd ash mat ramaitish
jimat xshathr husheitish vstravait
ki dregvdebsh xrrish rmm dt
kg vanghush jimat manangh cistish.

Translated Text:

When shall, Wise One, serenity with righteousness bring
peaceful dwelling and settlement through sovereignty?
Who shall establish peace against violence by the wrongful?
To whom shall the wisdom of good mind come?

(Gathas: Song 13.11)

Summary Substance: Plan for an ideal world continues with the answering questions. Serenity, stability, righteousness and precision create peaceful habitats which enjoy sovereignty. Peace must replace the violence caused by the wrongful. All these can be achieved through using good mind and the wisdom it imparts.

Pondering Points: Violence must give way to peace, stability and sovereignty.

187th Day

Transliterated Text:

at ti anghen saoshyat daxyunm
i xshnm voh manangh hact
shyaothanish ash thwahy mazd sghahy
ti z dt hamastr ashem mahy.

Translated Text:

Now, they shall be the benefactors of the lands
who follow the satisfaction of good mind,
and base their actions through righteousness on Your teachings, Wise One.
They indeed have been made to fight fury.

(Gathas: Song 13.12)

Summary Substance: The wise who consult good mind and base their actions on righteousness and in accordance with Divine teaching, benefit and promote their countries. It is they who stop violence and introduce peace.

Pondering Points: Wise actions based on Divine teachings bring peace and prosperity.


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