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Spenta Mainyu GATHA

Song 15

Communion With God

(11 stanzas -- Days 200th to 210th)

200th Day

Transliterated Text:

kat mŰi urv‚ isÍ cahy‚ avanghŰ
kÍ mŰi pasÍush kÍ-mÍ-n‚-thr‚t‚ vistŰ
anyŰ ash‚t thwatc‚ mazd‚ ahur‚
azd‚ zŻt‚ vahisht‚atc‚ mananghŰ.

Translated Text:

Does my soul seek any help?
Who has been found as a protector for my flock? Who for my men?
None, Wise Lord, except Your righteousness and best mind,
when truly invoked.

(Gatha: Song 15.1)

Summary Substance: How can one help himself, his property and his people? Only by using his best mind to concentrate and then have his very best thoughts translated into proper actions. That is what Mazda wants one to do.

Pondering Points: Want instant help? Ask your mind, use your body.

201st Day

Transliterated Text:

kath‚ mazd‚ r‚nyŰ-skeretÓm g„m ishasŰit
żÍ hÓm ahm‚i v‚stravaitÓm stŰi usy‚t
erezhejÓsh ash‚ pourushŻ hvarÍ pishyasŻ
‚k‚stÍŮg m‚ nish„sy‚ d‚thÍm d‚hv‚.

Translated Text:

How, Wise One, shall one seek the joy-bringing world,
when one wishes it to have settlements,
with the honest living in righteousness in a fully sun-bathed region?
I shall, with all clarity, settle down among the houses of justice.

(Gatha: Song 15.2)

Summary Substance: In a world being destroyed by destructive wars and unproductive nomadism, Zarathushtra expresses his wish in his peculiar answering question. He wants us to seek and attend to our living world. It will bring us joy if we promote it by creating settlements in which we live as honest inhabitants. We shall truly enjoy a bright, righteous life of peace, prosperity, and progress.

Pondering Points: Promote and enjoy an ideal life in an ideal world.

202nd Day

Transliterated Text:

atcÓt ahm‚i mazd‚ ash‚ anghaitÓ
ż„m hŰi xshathr‚ vohuc‚ cŰisht manangh‚
żÍ n‚ ashŰish aojangh‚ varedayaÍt‚
ż„m nazdisht„m gaÍth„m dregvŚ baxshaitÓ.

Translated Text:

Indeed, Wise One, it will, through righteousness,
dominion, and good mind, be his to whom a promise has been given.
That person, strengthened by the reward,
will promote his immediate world, so far consumed by the wrongful.

(Gatha: Song 15.3)

Summary Substance: The ideal living world belongs to the person who works through good mind, righteousness, and sovereignty. Successful in his work, such a person will bring peace, prosperity, and progress to a world torn apart by the wrongful.

Pondering Points: Only good thoughts, weighed words and proper actions can make an ideal world of prevailing chaos.

203rd Day

Transliterated Text:

at vŚ żaz‚i stavas mazd‚ ahur‚
had‚ ash‚ vahisht‚c‚ manangh‚
xshathr‚c‚ ż‚ ÓshŰ stŚnghat ‚-paithÓ
‚kŚ aredrÍŮg dem‚nÍ garŰ seraosh‚nÍ.

Translated Text:

Wise God, singing praises, I shall always venerate You
with righteousness, the best mind,
and sovereignty so that the aspirant stands on the path
and listens for the manifestations of revelation for the devotees in the House of Song.

(Gatha: Song 15.4)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra beautifully defines veneration of Mazda Ahura. It is working through the best mind, righteousness and the divine dominion so that one is well on the right path to listen to the divine voice within and be guided to the House Song, a state in which one enjoys a mental melody.

Pondering Points: Venerate God through mind, precision and sovereignty, and feel songfully inspired.

204th Day

Transliterated Text:

‚rŰi zÓ xshm‚ mazd‚ ash‚ ahur‚
hyat żŻshm‚k‚i m„thr‚nÍ vaor‚zath‚
aibÓ-deresht‚ ‚vÓshy‚ avangh‚
zast‚isht‚ ż‚ nŚ xv‚thrÍ d‚y‚t.

Translated Text:

Wise God, indeed, it is for Your praise through righteousness.
If you are pleased with Your thought-provoker,
then manifest a clear help
with Your powerful hands which shall give us happiness.

(Gatha: Song 15.5)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra properly praises Mazda by working through the best mind, righteousness, and the divine dominion. He wants to be sure that if his is the right way of provoking people to think right, then he should soon see the divine help in making his mission a happy success. Events proved that he was right.

Pondering Points: Provoking to think right brings bliss to all.

205th Day

Transliterated Text:

żÍ m„thr‚ v‚cem mazd‚ baraitÓ
urvathŰ ash‚ nemangh‚ zarathushtrŰ
d‚t‚ xratÍush hizvŰ raithÓm stŰi
mahy‚ r‚zÍŮg vohŻ s‚hÓt manangh‚.

Translated Text:

Wise One, I, Zarathushtra, am, through righteousness,
his friend who carries this thought-provoking message.
May the Creator of Intelligence fix the course of his tongue
so that he teaches my doctrine through good mind.

(Gatha: Song 15.6)

Summary Substance: Prepared to spread his Divine Thought-provoking Message, Zarathushtra declares that he is that person's friend who joins him in spreading the message. He prays that the Mazda, the Creator of Intelligence, guide that person's speech so that he teaches, through his good mind, only the Divine Doctrine taught by Zarathushtra.

Pondering Points: Teach and preach only Zarathushtra's words, the Gathas. No adulteration!

206th Day

Transliterated Text:

at vÍ żaoj‚ zevÓshtyÍŮg aurvatŰ
jay‚ish perethŻsh vahmahy‚ żŻshm‚kahy‚
mazd‚ ash‚ ugrÍŮg vohŻ manangh‚
ż‚ish az‚th‚ mahm‚i xy‚t‚ avanghÍ.

Translated Text:

Now, I shall yoke for You the swiftest and most appropriate invocations
on the roads to victories of Your glorification, victories
which are, Wise One, strong through righteousness and good mind,
and with whose urge, You shall be my help.

(Gatha: Song 15.7)

Summary Substance: Assured of his missionary success, Zarathushtra breaks into glorifying Mazda. He offers the best of his prayers. Using good mind and precisely working to the righteous plan, he is well on his road to victory. And he owes the success of his mission to Mazda Ahura.

Pondering Points: Glory to God for the helping hand in serving the godly creation!

207th Day

Transliterated Text:

mat vŚ pad‚ish ż‚ frasrŻt‚ ÓzhayŚ
pairijas‚i mazd‚ ust‚nazastŰ
at vŚ ash‚ aredraxy‚c‚ nemangh‚
at vŚ vanghÍush mananghŰ hunaret‚t‚.

Translated Text:

Wise One, I approach You
with loud devotional songs and outstretched hands,
You through righteousness with the adoration of a devotee,
You through the virtue of good mind.

(Gatha: Song 15.8)

Summary Substance: The glorification continues with loud devotional songs and outstretched hands. The glorification is an offer by a devotee who is righteous in action and good in mind. It is devotion through thoughts, words, and deeds.

Pondering Points: More glory to God with sweet songs and loving arms!

208th Day

Transliterated Text:

t‚ish vŚ żasn‚ish paitÓ stavas ayenÓ
mazd‚ ash‚ vanghÍush shyaothan‚ish mananghŰ
żad‚ ashŰish maxyŚ vasÍ xshay‚
at hud‚n‚ush ishay„s gerezd‚ xyÍm.

Translated Text:

Praising, I shall resort to You, Wise One, with these praises
and with deeds of good mind done through righteousness.
I shall, until I achieve self-reliance as a reward,
wish to be an suppliant of one who is munificent.

(Gatha: Song 15.9)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra's glorification of God is practical. His songs are accompanied by deeds directed by good mind. He would continue his mission until he achieves his objective. His success in mission and not personal favor would be the reward for his prayers and deeds.

Pondering Points: Sing your way to God and success.

209th Day

Transliterated Text:

at ż‚ varesh‚ ż‚c‚ pairÓ ‚ish shyaothan‚
ż‚c‚ vohŻ cashm„m arejat manangh‚
raocŚ hvÍŮg asn„m uxsh‚ aÍurush
xshm‚k‚i ash‚ vahm‚i mazd‚ ahur‚.

Translated Text:

Now, whatever I have performed and shall perform,
and whatever, like the rays of the sun, the wide dawning days,
which one will esteem through the eyes of his good mind, are,
Wise Lord, through righteousness, for Your glory.

(Gatha: Song 15.10)

Summary Substance: Zarathushtra dedicates all his past, present, and future actions done and to be done through good mind and righteousness to glorify Mazda.

Pondering Points: Full dedication will introduce Mazda and the Divine Message to all.

210th Day

Transliterated Text:

at vÍ staot‚ aoj‚i mazd‚ angh‚c‚
żavat ash‚ tav‚c‚ is‚ic‚
d‚t‚ anghÍush aredat vohŻ manangh‚
haithy‚-varesht„m hyat vasn‚ ferashŰtemem.

Translated Text:

I am, Wise One, Your praiser and shall continue to regard myself so,
as long as I have the strength and the will through righteousness.
This shall promote the laws of life through good mind,
for true actions make life most renovated as God wishes.

(Gatha: Song 15.11)

Summary Substance: The dedication to the Divine Mission is thorough. Zarathushtra would continue until his very last breath. His dedication to duty would promote the Laws of Life for mankind because when truly translated into action, life on earth will be always fresh, always modern. And Mazda wishes us to continuously renovate our life.

Pondering Points: Continuous renovation of life is what God wishes us to do.

NOTE: The last line "haithy‚-varesht„m hyat vasn‚ ferashotemem -- true actions make life most renovated as God wishes.." is the beginning of the Gathic part of the Koshti prayer, and with it on lips, the girdle is placed on the waist for girding.


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