Message of Zarathushtra








Ali A. Jafarey

Three thousand seven hundred and odd years ago, when every man and woman was, almost blindly, following social norms, when clan system had divided humans in small pockets, when priests prided themselves as leaders of superstitious cults, when princess paraded themselves as chiefs of exploited communities, and when imaginary gods and fanciful goddesses played kind and rough with imaginative men and fancying women, a man rose to declare Freedom of Thought, Word, and Deed for all. He spoke of "The Super-Intellect Being", the god, the Only God, he had realized through his good mind. He explained the Primal Principles of Good Life he had understood. He dealt with good and evil, discretion and determination, promotion and creativity, innovation and renovation, progress and prosperity, and perfection and eternity. And he based all these on Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds. He founded a religion, the religion of "Good Conscience," a universal religion for all humanity. He declared his religion to all; those lived close to him and those who lived far. His voice rose to go well beyond his widening circle. His voice reached the wide world of humanity. It widened human thought. It strengthened human speech. It invigorated human action. It refined human behavior. His voice, fresh, sweet and clear as ever, is still heard. Its reach is widening, reaching the wide world. My 12 essays under the title of "The Message of Zarathushtra" echoes that vital VOICE: the Voice of ZARATHUSHTRA.

And my message is: Do listen to the Voice. It gladly guides.

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Zarathushtra And His Good Religion
Zarathushtra - A Unique Personality
Early Life
Relatives First
The Gathas
God in the Gathas
Divine Emanations
Good and Evil
Death In The Gathas
Rituals In The Gathas
Gahanbars And The Gathas
Religion And Tradition



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