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THE AVESTA AT A GLANCE, by Ali A. Jafarey, the latest publication by Books N Bits is just out. The book describes in brief, in 86 pages, the *ten-time* contents of the extant Avesta, which, with the exception of the Gathas of Zarathushtra, is still a closed book, a mystery to many admirers and inquirers.

The extant Avesta is the remaining part of the Zoroastrian canon of 21 volumes. It has been collected sometimes after the downfall of the Sassanian Empire. It is believed to represent a purely religious scripture. The "Glance" shows that it is a salvage of the collection of the original doctrine of the Good Religion, and the later additions of prayers, spells, rituals, customs, culture, poetic patterns, prosaic pieces, prescriptions, proscriptions, civil life, agricultural advice, medical matters, epic, legend, history, geography and other related subjects.  It shows the purity and sublimity of the Gathic texts. It reflects the Iranian heritage, a colorful heritage which in the past warranted all these subjects because of the time, place, and inside and outside influences.

Price per copy: $10 plus shipping and handling.

Also available:

1. The Gathas, Our Guide (Translation and annotations by Ali A. Jafarey) $15.00

2. Zarathushtrian Ceremonies (Ali A. Jafarey)


3. An Outline of the Good Religion (Ali A. Jafarey)

$ 2.50

4. An Outline of the Zarathushtrian Religion and Zoroastrianism (Ali A. Jafarey)

$ 5.00

5. The Gathas, The Hymns of Zarathushtra (translation by D.J. Irani)


6. Understanding the Gathas (D. J. Irani)


7. The Zoroastrian Tradition (Farhang Mehr)


8. The Zoroastrian Doctrine and Biblical Connection (Daryoush Jahanian)


9. Norouz (The Persian New Year) &  Other Festivities in Iran (Farshid Eghbal and Sandra Mooney)


10. A Glimpse at the History of Iran  (English and Persian) (Farshid Eghbal)

11. The Avesta at a Glance (Ali A. Jafarey) $10.00

Plus shipping and handling:

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All the above books and more on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Yoga, history, geography, literature, children's books, dictionaries, colorful religious and cultural pictures, statuettes, souvenirs, and more in Bengali, English, Hindi, Persian, and Urdu.

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