Fire as the source of light, warmth, and energy portrays, in the Zarathushtrian doctrine, the Divine “Progressive Mentality”—the faculty of creating, sustaining, and promoting the universe. Fire  is the guiding light, the warm love, and the living force. Fire was, therefore, chosen by Zarathushtra as an altar.

The Assembly logo is based on the Achaemenian fire altar of 2,500 years ago. It shows a blazing fire on a three-ridged vase. It has  six flames, which  represent  the six Principles of Life—Good Mind (Vohu Manah), Best Righteousness (Asha Vahishta), Chosen Dominion (Khshathra Vairya), Progressive Serenity (Spentâ  Aramaiti), Wholeness (Haurvatât), and Immortality (Ameretât)—arising out of the Divine Inspiration (Seraosha) and radiating Light, Warmth, and Energy (Atar) from a triple base of Good Thoughts (Humata), Good Words (Hűkhta), and Good Deeds (Hvarshta). The circle round the altar, penetrated by the converging flames, depicts the good earthly life soaring high to a blissful state beyond.

The logo  symbolizes the lighting, leading, and thought- provoking Message of Zarathushtra.



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