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Every Sunday 11:30am until 4pm

Shahnameh Lectures
(In Persian)


In the name of Ahura Mazda, The Zarathushtrian Assembly kindly invites you, your family and friends to discover the greatest story known to human kind, the Shah-nameh or the Epic of Kings.  So bring your copy and your sense of adventure.

Please note some Sundays are special events and classes are postponed until the following week.

DATE : Every Sunday 
: Roughly 11:30 am to 4pm
PLACE : 1125 E. Seventeenth Street, Suite E-111
Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA


PHONE : 714-600-0066

Lunch: Potluck (please observe "na-bor" or vegitarian days of the calendar or bring only vegan food to be on the safe side for the herbivores amongst us)




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