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Information sites:

Avesta -- Zoroastrian Archives: “We provide the complete text of the extant Avesta, the most ancient scriptures of Zoroastrianism, as well as many Pahlavi scriptures. It also includes information about the Avestan language, and other useful information for students of Zoroastrian religion. Most of the texts in these archives are extremely rare.” An encyclopedic collection by Mr. Joseph H. Peterson.

From A Zoroastrian Parsi from India : A letter from a believer to explain some misconceptions he found on a web site.

Hannah M.G. Shapero's Page: Interesting articles by a young Christian scholar of Zoroastrianism.

Stanford University :  One of the first Zoroastrian sites, on the internet, no longer regularly maintained.

Study Web: Zoroastrianism : A link-page to Zoroastrian sites with description and rating of site contents. A good evaluation of site.

Zarathushtra :  A fascinating site that includes a Zoroastrian Cyber-Temple and the full English translation of the Gathas, the sacred works of Zoroastrianism, informative articles and more with a young modern view.  (Shahriar Shahriari)

Traditional Zoroastrianism:  A comprehensive homepage of scores of articles on the present anti-reform and pro-conservative position of the closed community of the Traditionalist Parsi “race-purists” of India. The following points on the main page speak for themselves:

“These are the tenets of the Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion:

(1)  All our Scriptures are sacred, including the Gathas, Yashts, and the Vendidad.
(2)  All our fire-temples and rituals of the Yasna are sacred and are necessary for the religion.
(3)  Dakhma-nashini is the only method of corpse-destruction for a Zarathushtri … dead body in the stone-enclosed Dakhma, by the flesh-eating bird or the rays of the Sun.
(4) Marrying, Zarathushtri man or woman, to a Zarathushtri only is commanded in our religion … to preserve the spiritual strength of the Aryan Mazdayasni religion, and the ethnic identity of the Zarathushtri Aryans.
(5)  As such, there was no ‘conversion.’
(6) The observance of the Laws of the Vendidad is an important pillar of the Zarathushtri religion. This includes the concept of menstrual seclusion …the dreaded impure state of the corpse …[and] strong moral injunctions against the acts of homosexuality and prostitution.
(7)  Faith, and Hope in the coming of the Saoshyant (Saviour) ….
(8)  … when the Saoshyant comes …. the World will be made perfect once again, as it was before the onslaught of the evil one.”

Vohuman:  A well designed and substantial Zoroastrian web magazine by a young Iranian preceptor Jamshid Varza.

Zoroastrian Religion : History of Zoroastrianism, from very ancient times to the present with a number of other related topics. (Soli Bamji)

Zoroastrian Webpage  Information related to Zoroastrian events (particularly for youth pwith a “chat” evening) by Arash Shahzadi and Bijan Yeganegi.

Zoroastrianism : A moderate and neutral overview of the history, culture and beliefs from the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.

Zoroastrianism : A Traditionalist site maintained by Pervez J. Mistry, a young resident of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Zoroastrianism Page:  An informative site on Traditional Zoroastrianism by Vispi Homi Bulsara.

Zoroastrianism:  “Creating a Community of Believers.” Moderate views on “Who was Zoroaster,” “What Are Zoroaster’s Teachings,” “The Celestial Realm in Zoroastrianism,” “Why Conversion is necessary and sanctioned,” “Some Zoroastrian Prayers,” and “Zoroastrian Catechism” by Peter J. McGuinness.

Zoroastrianism: A descriptive information based on Western and Muslim  concept by Persia.net.




California Zoroastrian Center

FEZANA - Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America .

MIT Zoroastrian Association  Affiliated with ZAGBA.

ZAGBA - The Zoroastrian Association of the Greater Boston Area.

ZAGNY - The Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York  some construction and not updated.

ZAMWI - The Zoroastrian Association of the Metropolitan Washington (Well maintained).

ZANC - Zarthoshti Anjuman of Northern California.

ZANT - Zoroastrian Association of North Texas  Dallas, TX.

ZSBC - The Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia (Well maintained).

ZSO - The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario and “Kanoun,” the Iranian Zoroastrian Cultural organization. (Well maintained).


Other Countries

Australian Zoroastrian Association Mainly under construction and not updated.

The Singapore Parsi Association (Well maintained).

Zarathustrian Association of New Zealand  Mainly under construction and not updated.

Zoroastrian Association of Shiraz, Iran: A well maintained Homepage by Iranian Zoroastrians in English. A rare site.



WZO - World Zoroastrian Organization based in London, U.K.: Information on WZO and world Zoroastrian affairs and other interesting topics.



Apadana Temple Photos of Iranian monuments and Iranian Culture by Amir Parssian .

Encyclopedia of the Orient includes brief articles on Zoroastrianism by Tore Kjeilen.

LCC Library – Zoroastrian Resources :  Good brief information on various aspects of Zoroastrianism.

LCTL language courses: Avestan  Avestan College Courses compiled by University of Minnesota for Boston C; Harvard U; Columbia U; U of MI, Ann Arbor; and U of CA, Los Angeles.

Nikan's Empire : A page by a young Iranian with links to other sites.

Oldest prophetic religion struggles for survival by  John Zubrzycki – CSM.

Parsi Bazaar by Larry Grant.

Parsi Cooking: Dozens of recipes of the Parsi way of cooking in India.

Persepolis and Ancient Iran : A catalog of 999 photographs of this ancient Zoroastrian city. From the Oriental Institute, the University of Chicago.

 The Aryan Problem: Indo-Iranians, Nazis, Sources, and other related subjects by Leonard F. Reuter

The Iranian IRANICA : A site devoted to summarized selections from Encyclopaedia Iranica. Contains many articles on Zoroastrianism.

World Zoroastrian Directory : World-wide Zoroastrian white and yellow pages.

Worldwide Community Centre : Creating a community center for Zoroastrians worldwide.

Yahoo Search: Society and Culture: Religion: Zoroastrianism. 

Zarathusht.com : Directory of Zoroastrian businesses and individuals worldwide.

Zoroastrian Greetings :  Zoroastrian electronic greeting e-cards.

ZOROASTRTAN PRIESTLY SERVICES : by Ervad Kerman Katrak "to every one around the world" for Navjote (Initiation), Wedding, Jashan, Muktad, Funeral, Memorial, festive and other religious ceremonies. (A daring young priest serving the community)

Zubins' Zoroastrian Links with a brief Introduction by Zubin Medoora.


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